Show Room of one of our partners

In our business, we encourage our customers and prospective customers to visit the factories were the shoes are made. We think that this is the best investment that they make in their business.

When visiting the factory, they will see personally the quality of the shoes, the manufacturing process, the materials used, the working conditions.

All the factories have show rooms where they show the latest collections. Additionally, they can see what the designers are preparing for future collections.

They will also have, of course, the opportunity to speak directly with the owners of the factories or the head of the sales department, check prices, terms of sale and many more aspects of the footwear business.

If you’re willing to personally know more about  the Portuguese footwear industry, please contact us. We will be happy to make guided tours to factories.

Our contact details are here.


Header photo: Shoe factories in São João da Madeira. Photo: Patrice Almeida/Wikimedia
Article photo: © FootwearOutsourcing.com

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