We have a solution tailored to your business needs: partners of recognized quality are willing to make a minimum of 50 pairs of shoes per color for you, of an existing model of the factory collection.

Of course, you have the liberty to change materials (subject to the factory approval/availability), your shoes will have your logo on the insole and you will have a box to match your brand.

We are talking about a great amount of styles, ranging from moccasins, ballerinas, loafers and many, many others.

And the best part: good quality, made ​​with 100% leather at great prices.

Even better: it’s possible to make small changes to the styles. Choose the last that is more appropriated to your market, choose the materials that you want,…

The photos below are just a small sample of what we have to offer.

Contact us now and book a visit to the factories and see for yourself what we have to offer.

We have also good options for the development of your own shoes. Contact us.

Photo Credits: © FootwearOutsourcing.com

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