Some of our factory partners work with the famous Margom soles, especially in the manufacturing of sneakers. They work with Margom soles for as long as 20 years.

Some of the latest soles from Margom

Some of the latest soles from Margom

Margom makes rubber soles since 1974, in the Italian region of Civitanova. The quality of their work, allied with the constant launch of new products to fallow fashion trends and to satisfy the needs of their clients, made Margom a reference for sneaker designers like Common Projects, ETQ Amsterdam, Buscemi and many other brands.

Below you can see photos of some of their rubber soles. All this styles are available now for production. There isn’t a big difference in price between all these styles, except for the 2-colors Kobe IN, that costs more than double the price.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t sell Margom soles. Please contact Margom directly if you want to buy their soles. Thank you.

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