We work with manufacturers of high quality footwear for men, women and children, specialized in Goodyear welted shoes.

A Goodyear sole, stitched with a thread

A Goodyear sole, stitched with a thread

Created in the nineteenth century by a son of Charles Goodyear, inventor of the vulcanized rubber, it consist in the use of a strip or “welt” (usually leather) for attaching the upper, the lining and the insole, joining everything with a wire. The space created between the insole and the sole is then filled with cork. The sole is then glued and sewn with a thread.

The Goodyear system offers many advantages. It is considered the best construction method in the manufacture of quality shoes: You can replace the soles easily, keeping the upper, allowing for greater durability; cork makes the shoe more comfortable, molding to the foot of the person; better resistance to rain; better ventilation in the foot, among many other advantages.

Being a technique that requires very specialized craftsmen and requires much more time to manufacture, expect to pay a higher price than conventional shoes.

We also work with other factories that use similar manufacturing systems, such as the Blake system.

We added a gallery of photos taken in one factory, with some examples of shoes and boots made with this system. And yes, the desert boot with the crepe sole was made with this system too!

Photo Credits: FootwearOutsourcing.com

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