We are Footwear Sourcing Agents, working directly with Portuguese shoe factories of great quality, mainly in the São João da Madeira region (south of Porto, Portugal), known for the high standards of her footwear industry.

Besides shoes, we also work in the sourcing of leather goods (bags, wallets, belts,…)

You want quality shoes and leather goods, at the right price, and in a quick and efficient way. But if you don’t have the right person in the field, you’re going to waste your time and efforts.

Shoe factories in São João da Madeira (© Patrice Almeida)

Shoe factories in São João da Madeira (© Patrice Almeida)

What we can offer to YOUR business:

  • Experience as sourcing agents in women/men/kid footwear. We work with all kinds of shoes: Kids, women and men, casual and formal, high heels, slip-on, sneakers, moccasins, loafers, boots, ankle boots, clogs,…
  • Experience as sourcing agents in leather goods. Bags, belts,…
  • Bridge between you and the manufacturer. No more unanswered phone calls and e-mails.
  • Choices. Factories, warehouses, suppliers, prices,…
  • Samples development and innovation concepts. Factories will give you plenty of options in all aspects. We also work with independent designers.
  • Search for materials. We are surrounded by all kind of warehouses/factories of leather, soles, lasts,…
  • Tracking of orders. From concept to shipping.
  • Quality control. Because you want great quality shoes for your business.
  • The complete package. Design and production of shoes, boxes, dust bags,… Also, we take care of the transport to your warehouse.

There are many options regarding the footwear production:

  • Factories have models that you want.
  • Factories have models that you like but you want to make some changes (colors, materials, sole,…).
  • You have already a model/collection and want us to produce for you.
  • … and many other options.

Please take a look at our Contact page and see how you can reach us.