Portuguese footwear exports to Africa increased considerably in the last year, especially for Portuguese-speaking countries such as Angola and Mozambique.

Luís Onofre is one of the designers/brands investing in Africa

Luís Onofre is one of the designers/brands investing in Africa

This increase is due in one hand to the emergence of a middle class in those countries with money to spend, and on the other hand to the investments that the Portuguese brands have done recently in this continent, in collaboration with APPICAPS (Footwear industry association) and AICEP ( foreign trade agency of Portugal).

With the cooling of the European economy (the destination of 90% of the Portuguese shoes), they had to search for new markets. At this time, Russia, Japan, Portuguese-speaking African countries and South America (especially Brazil and Colombia) are markets that are being worked. As a result, there was a considerable increase in exports to those regions.

In the first eight months of this year Portugal exported 40 million pairs of shoes for about 120 countries, an increase of 6.5% compared to 2012.

Rádio Renascença – Portugal exported more than 40 million pairs of shoes this year
Visão – Footwear exports increases 6,5% through August

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