Affordable Comfort Shoes

Example of an affordable comfort shoe, used widely by a variety of professionals

We work with Portuguese factories of affordable comfort shoes, with good quality and competitive prices.

This kind of footwear is often seen as “shoes for old ladies”, but that description is not entirely true. This type of comfortable shoes is quite sought after by people who have certain jobs that require a lot of time in a standing position, and therefore require a lighter and more comfortable shoe to walk: nurses, cooks, assistants in various institutions, sales clerks, …

We sell shoes, boots, slippers and sandals, on models from the factory or original designs from customers.

The comfort footwear we have available has the following characteristics:

– 100% real leather
– Lightweight PU sole (300 grams per pair) that are good for walking
– Insole padding with a latex filling for extra comfort
– Strips in soft leather
– Boots with fur to keep the feet warm
– Velcro closure for easy handling
– Elastics for easy handling

We have competitive prices and excellent options for you. For more information see our Contact page.

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